Audio version of “Being Fruitful Without Multiplying” now available!



After its release last winter, “Being Fruitful Without Multipliying” is now available in an audio-book version on Amazon.

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“Being Fruitful Without Multiplying” book release!

I’m glad to annunce that the book I contributed to, “Being Fruitful Without Multiplying“, is being released in October through Coffeetown Press.

Here is the official press release :

 Coffeetown Press Announces the October Release of Being Fruitful without Multiplying

Seattle, WA.—On October 1, 2012, Coffeetown Press will release Being Fruitful without Multiplying: Stories and Essays from around the World ($14.95, 254 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-155-2), an anthology of true stories by many women and a few men revolving around the elements of nature and nurture that led to their decisions not to procreate.

The project began as a memoir by three authors with family ties and ended as a conversation that included women and men ranging in age from twenty to sixty-one. Seventeen states and thirteen countries outside the U.S. are represented.

Childfree, childless … these are the labels society gives to women who do not bear children, due to choice or genetics.

Being Fruitful without Multiplying started as one woman’s quest to come to terms with her decision not to bear children. In conversation with Renee and Janice—two close relatives from different generations—Patricia found that they shared another, unexpected bond: each belonged to childless or childfree social networks. All three were weary of questions from well-meaning people who wondered why they had not born children. As they began to reach out to others in earnest, they found that many who belonged to their diverse online communities were eager to share their stories. Some had chosen to be childfree and some were childless because of biological factors but grew to appreciate the advantages. Some of those who chose not to reproduce still decided to become stepparents or adopt.

Over sixty women and a few men added their voices to those of the three main authors. The result is this rich and varied anthology, which includes stories from many different countries, cultures and income groups.

Say Yvette: “What began as a family conversation comparing notes about the choice not to bear children soon grew into a worldwide discussion through social networking childfree communities. Who knew virtual communities such as these existed and would be so large, diverse and vocal?”

Being Fruitful without Multiplying is currently available for pre-order on After Oct. 1st, it will be also available in eBook and paperback editions at select Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores as well as,, and Amazon Japan. Bookstores and libraries can order through Ingram or by contacting Libraries can also order through Midwest Library Service or Follett Library Resources.

ABOUT Coffeetown Press—Based in Seattle, Washington, Coffeetown Press has been publishing the finest fiction and nonfiction since 2005.



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Interview : Slow Club

Beccy from Slow Club answered Lydia’s questions.

What made you both want to be in music?
B : I think i just realised the only thing i was really any good at was singing, singing harmonies and being a show off. Music had always been the main focus of my life too and my Dad was in a band so he encouraged me.
How did you meet and come together to form Slow Club?
B : I was at school and we used to do these workshops where different music geeks came to our school and we made music, Charles started going out with a girl who was my friend and we became friends and then he joined the band i was in at the time.
Who are your inspirations?
B : Beyonce, Linda Ronstadt, Carol Carpenter.
What has been your favourite gig you have ever been to, and why?
B : We supported Casiokids in San Francisco, i expelled demons dancing to them that night.
How does it feel to hear your music in advertisements and tv programmes?
B : It feels like new shoes and rent for another month.
Do you write your lyrics from your own experience?
B : Yes, a few times we go into each others ideas or metaphors but it is always from our own experiences.
If you could be any other band/artist, who would it be?
B : I would like to be either Beyonce or a member of the Mae Shi circa 2006/7
What are your top 5 songs at the moment?

B : In no order :  Love Talk: Clout. Put all your eggs in one basket: Marnie Stern. Take Care: Drake. Til the world ends: Britney Spears and Keep it goin’ louder: Major Lazer.

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Blitzgigs is talking about our exclusive event!

Blitzgigs Berlin is promoting the exclusive houseshow we’re organising for Gunning For Tamar (UK).

Click on the following link to read :

The concert is tonight! If you’re in Berlin, get in touch – not many ‘seats’ left…


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Gunning for Tamar playing an intimate houseshow in Berlin!

We’re very happy to announce that Gunning for Tamar (UK) will play an exclusive and private concert in a flat in Berlin this friday 28.10.2011.

Gunning for Tamar hails from Oxford UK, and recently released the single “Bonfires“, from their excellently received debut EP “Deaf Cow Motel“.

Tight and technically proficient, but also intuitive enough to keep things sounding organic” – Artrocker.

More about Gunning For Tamar:

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Review : The Maccabees, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, 08.09.2011

Almost a tradition for a rock band, the late jog of The Maccabees onto the stage at the Exeter Phoenix only increases the delight of an excited bustle of jumping, leaping and screaming. After having a quiet year out to write all new material, the boys are finally touring and treat the anticipation in the room like bees to a honeypot. Orlando is looking noticeably more mature in navy when he approaches and sings, blessing all to hear with his voice of floating sound waves. Alternatively, the other boys have all taken a relaxed step back with tangly long hair for some as they attend to the guitars and drums.
As they steadily make their way through the set, a sea of confident new songs attack the crowd. ‘Child’ has a ghostly middle part, sending the crowd sailing into wiggling worms when the skipping beats fill the room. There is an outstanding array of a grown up, developed sound, and perhaps an indication of the direction in which their third record will take. The talents and politely cheeky exclamation of Orlando, who insists they would change a microphone in a ‘professional manner’, pleases all with glee. The impressive sound the venue produces is evident from song to song, with every note seeming crisp and clear. The appreciation is even exclaimed by the likes of Gavin and Stacey’s Matthew Horn who is a close friend of the band as he shouts with a proud smile on his face.
Without fail, their musical capabilities are exampled tonight with the pure depth of the utter satisfaction all seem to experience with the new material, but yet they offer a reassuring attitude after the previous praised ‘Wall of Arms’ and ‘Colour It In’ tracks still continue to drive everybody into blasphemy.
Old friend and top forty hit ‘First Love’ inevitably threw every soul into an atmosphere of adrenaline through to the turmoil of ‘Can You Give It’ as many experienced being thrown around and almost bulldozed towards the stage.
Even after six years in our lives, it is clear The Maccabees will still proceed to surprise and I can’t help but feel their time on the stage ended too soon.
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Review : Laura Marling at Cathedral, Exeter, 14.10.2011

Emerging into an anxious silence, a half scruffy, half clean-cut gentleman takes a step onto a small stage. Taking one step more, he doesn’t appear to be sure, what of, is unknown, he is perhaps unconfident. He is now centre stage, reaching to the floor and clutching what appears to be a bell, a large bell. A puzzled audience gazes, extending the silence a moment more until a chime echoes throughout a magnificent room, a cathedral. The man places the bell gently back to the floor, and shuffles back off in the same direction. Everyone is hesitant, do we applaud, do we not? But it is deemed too late when a few more impartial characters grace the stage. They, however, are met with a grand applause. Watching intimately as the characters approach their instruments, each spectator misses a few blinks as Laura Marling takes her own graceful steps upon the stage.

This is the first show of the ‘When the bell tolls’ tour (it makes more sense now) in the small city of Exeter. Exclusive to cathedrals, this tour is an obvious step for Marling as she gazes at her surroundings. The audience are mirroring her, absorbing the incredible detail and beauty of the stone walls and ceiling.
Marling isn’t lingering though. Eyes watering, her voice projects into the depths of the cathedral. Her voice is quiet, yet concerned. Her voice is calm, yet violent.

Obviously Marling has had constant success, but only recently has she really hit  the B.I.G T.I.M.E. And that means big time. Rising from the new folk scene, in…… she has overlapped her peers by the mile, being the only artist to be ever-evolving and ever-growing able to witness.

And witnessing here, as she begins with ‘The Muse’ from the new record, it is clear Marling’s confidence has risen since her beginning, and throughout the three months it took to write ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’. Now, three months is a mouse-like length of time to write a whole album, and what she has produced is immaculate even for something that could have prevailed her life for years. You can just tell there is no over-thinking, there are no wholly taintless harmonies. But this is what Laura has become. She has grown into a character who is sure in herself to decide what she wants to write now.
She glides through the first few half an hour of the set, covering songs new and old. ‘Ghosts’ brings an element of the new, quirky Laura and ‘Failure’ exudes intimacy and meaning. The first spoken utterance she makes into the microphone states in a soft whisper ‘you are all so kind to be so quiet’. Mid-laugh she is abandoned on the stage. Luckily this is planned, we finally have a moment alone. Just the audience and her. She makes light of her lack of ‘talking skills’ and proceeds on with a new haunting track. The unfinished touches of this unknown is brilliant and pure. It is clear Marling needs nothing other than her voice and guitar to exhibit her flawlessness. And that is what she is to anybody, flawless.


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