Review : The Maccabees, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, 08.09.2011

Almost a tradition for a rock band, the late jog of The Maccabees onto the stage at the Exeter Phoenix only increases the delight of an excited bustle of jumping, leaping and screaming. After having a quiet year out to write all new material, the boys are finally touring and treat the anticipation in the room like bees to a honeypot. Orlando is looking noticeably more mature in navy when he approaches and sings, blessing all to hear with his voice of floating sound waves. Alternatively, the other boys have all taken a relaxed step back with tangly long hair for some as they attend to the guitars and drums.
As they steadily make their way through the set, a sea of confident new songs attack the crowd. ‘Child’ has a ghostly middle part, sending the crowd sailing into wiggling worms when the skipping beats fill the room. There is an outstanding array of a grown up, developed sound, and perhaps an indication of the direction in which their third record will take. The talents and politely cheeky exclamation of Orlando, who insists they would change a microphone in a ‘professional manner’, pleases all with glee. The impressive sound the venue produces is evident from song to song, with every note seeming crisp and clear. The appreciation is even exclaimed by the likes of Gavin and Stacey’s Matthew Horn who is a close friend of the band as he shouts with a proud smile on his face.
Without fail, their musical capabilities are exampled tonight with the pure depth of the utter satisfaction all seem to experience with the new material, but yet they offer a reassuring attitude after the previous praised ‘Wall of Arms’ and ‘Colour It In’ tracks still continue to drive everybody into blasphemy.
Old friend and top forty hit ‘First Love’ inevitably threw every soul into an atmosphere of adrenaline through to the turmoil of ‘Can You Give It’ as many experienced being thrown around and almost bulldozed towards the stage.
Even after six years in our lives, it is clear The Maccabees will still proceed to surprise and I can’t help but feel their time on the stage ended too soon.

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