Interview : Slow Club

Beccy from Slow Club answered Lydia’s questions.

What made you both want to be in music?
B : I think i just realised the only thing i was really any good at was singing, singing harmonies and being a show off. Music had always been the main focus of my life too and my Dad was in a band so he encouraged me.
How did you meet and come together to form Slow Club?
B : I was at school and we used to do these workshops where different music geeks came to our school and we made music, Charles started going out with a girl who was my friend and we became friends and then he joined the band i was in at the time.
Who are your inspirations?
B : Beyonce, Linda Ronstadt, Carol Carpenter.
What has been your favourite gig you have ever been to, and why?
B : We supported Casiokids in San Francisco, i expelled demons dancing to them that night.
How does it feel to hear your music in advertisements and tv programmes?
B : It feels like new shoes and rent for another month.
Do you write your lyrics from your own experience?
B : Yes, a few times we go into each others ideas or metaphors but it is always from our own experiences.
If you could be any other band/artist, who would it be?
B : I would like to be either Beyonce or a member of the Mae Shi circa 2006/7
What are your top 5 songs at the moment?

B : In no order :  Love Talk: Clout. Put all your eggs in one basket: Marnie Stern. Take Care: Drake. Til the world ends: Britney Spears and Keep it goin’ louder: Major Lazer.


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